Whats our Mission?

Our mission is to know Christ and make Christ known to all

Our Values:

  • We value worship in both corporate & individual settings

  • We value evangelism/missions i.e. local, national & international - Acts 1:9

  • We value teaching the entire bible as the basis for how we live & think – Act 2:42

  • We value fellowship in large & small gatherings – Acts 2:42

  • We value prayer in all contexts – Acts 2:42

  • We value being multicultural – Rev. 5:9-10 and being multigenerational – Titus 2:1-9

Our Vision

  • We envision being a community-based Church that draws the majority of its  congregants from within Bayside and the surrounding area. 
  • We envision being a multigenerational church which draws upon the strengths of all the  age groups within our community. 
  • We envision being a multicultural church which expresses the cultural and ethnic  diversity of Bayside and the surrounding areas. 
  • We envision developing leaders of all ages.  
  • We envision making disciples who make disciples. 
  • We envision sharing the gospel with the unchurched in our community.