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Bowery Mission Ministry

David Lee

October 31st was approaching and once more we were busy making preparations for the Bowery Mission program we conduct every 5th Wednesday.

The men and women drawn to the Mission need to get their physical and spiritual food.That’s where we come in. We present the program unfolding God’s Word and sharing music that point to our Savior.

Over the past 40 or so years, we would rarely miss this call to ministry, this time however, Superstorm Sandy hit NYC 2 days prior.

The Bowery Mission like the rest of Manhattan’s downtown was blacked out.

On this day, New Yorkers were making their first attempt to leave their homes and venture out, experiencing firsthand the devastation.

We were due at the Mission for the evening service, which had minimal power, thanks to their in-house generators.

A sense of duty to go would soon be overcome by caution. Mutual communication compelled us to cancel our participation.

Looking back the next day, we made the wise decision due to the traffic and turmoil of that day which would have prevented our timely arrival.

Thankfully, the Bowery Mission was still able to dispense meals to those who knocked on their doors.

Praise God the Mision’s red doors never closed.Lord willing, we won’t miss our opportunity to minister there again during these last days. Let’s not grow weary as we partner with the Bowery Mission in rescuing the perishing. May we be found faithful in service upon our Lord’s return for us.

Missions Committee

Elaine Eng


Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Matthew 28:19

CEMCQ’s mission endeavors demonstrate our response to Jesus’ call to make disciples of all nations. But how is that manifested? Clearly the resources devoted to supporting missionaries, the church’s emphasis on the importance of missions, and opportunities for people on the field to share their work from our pulpit are examples. CEMCQ remains dedicated to these parameters in our generous missions budget, preaching from Acts, which describes Paul’s three dynamic missionary journeys, and our Missions Conference speakers program. This year we heard from Kim and Dan Scheel (Ethiopia), Jonathan Walton (New York City Urban Project), Richard and Sally Johnson (Hong Kong) and Yiyi Wong (Macao) via Skype. During the year we also heard from Kevin and Amy Wells (Kenya) and Jeff Siegel (Chosen People Ministries). There exists an even more precious marker for the mission’s heart of the church and that is found in the lives of our young people who are in the process of catching the vision for the gospel to the world. The following are excerpts from some of those who attended Urbana 2012, decidedly the most inspirational missions conference for youth.


“God used one testimony in particular to speak to me. She had been a freshman at her college when she joined her break dancing team because she loved to dance. She was the only Christian on her dance team that was infamously known for throwing wild parties and having outlandish behavior. However, God used her to share the gospel to six of her teammates, all of whom were in attendance at this year’s Urbana and even got to perform onstage for us. She was able to share God’s light to an organization on campus that was full of despair and darkness. During her testimony, I felt God speaking to my own heart on how He can use me on my own campus at Binghamton.

Last semester, I had joined a business fraternity, Delta Sigma Pi. I knew that joining this organization would allow me to have a leg up on networking with recruiters and further my career ambitions. However, in hindsight, God did not place me into my fraternity for my own ambitions, but for His. Just like how he used just one girl to transform an organization that was focused on worldly desires into a community of believers, I felt God calling me to do the same. He was calling me to my own mission field in Delta Sigma Pi. He was telling me to break free from my sheltered, comfortable Christian huddle to make close relationships with the other 44 members of Delta Sigma Pi, being intentional and transparent with my faith. This task to evangelize to my fraternity seems like an uphill battle, but we should never underestimate or limit our God.” —Katie Yee


“There are billions of people in the world today that worship false gods and do not know the convicting truth of the gospel. Because they do not seek the only true God they cannot follow His will and cannot glorify God, which is what we were created to do. This shows us an urgency in missions…” —Barry Huang


“I do think that God is calling me to go into the business world and be a light for that dark area. I think this experience was only the beginning of what God has to show me. I think he has a lot more to show me about the business world. But I think God has also shown me that I have a heart for the Asian American culture. God is showing me that my mission field will be developing personal relationships with my friends and community. I think that all the conversations and relationships I made have proved that making these relationships are one of my gifts. I loved being able to be back with my CEMCQ sisters and learning with them. And because of Urbana, I’m even more excited about studying abroad in Rome. There is a study abroad Intervarsity there and I plan on being involved in it. I will truly get to see God’s mission field around the world.” — Stephanie Seet


“During this seminar, they discussed how we can strengthen our abilities to give by living more simply. They had made four main points that will help us to reevaluate the way that we live our lives. The first was to live gratefully; God intended wealth to be a blessing for everyone. He Himself was generous and hospitable to us. They discussed how students who graduate from college and know English are the top 2% of the world’s richest people, yet we are always feeling the need to want more. We often don’t feel as rich as we really are. Gratefulness is a spiritual discipline. We have to learn how to be grateful for what we have. The second point was to live justly. Because God intended wealth to be for ALL people, we should not feel that we own anything. All of our possessions are not our own. They belong to God. “You are not making a gift of your possessions to the poor person. You are handing over to him what is his.”-Ambrose.

The next two points were discussions of practical ways to live simply and generously. The speakers shared how they themselves were able to live this out by forming economic discipleship groups where they would discuss finances and different ways in which they can save and give more. (This might be something that a CEMCQ small group could do! (http:// economicdiscipleship.com)” —Allison Low

For more comments on Urbana, please speak to the other attendees: Kimberly Chin, Celine Sze, Mindy Wong, and Mackenzie Yee. their different names, almost every country had a delicious surprise wrapped inside dough. It was fun learning the different wrapping techniques for a Chinese dumpling, a Korean mandu, a Polish pierogi, a Thai Golden Purse, an Italian Ravioli and a Latin American pasteles. The meal ended with a traditional Chinese dessert of Sweet red bean rice balls.

In September, we held a “Rolling Good Times” event where we explored different ways that food can be rolled up and can be eaten after cooking or immediately. During that night, we learned how to maneuver breaking the delicate skins of a Korean kimbap, a Vietnamese summer roll, a Chinese spring-roll, a Mexican burrito, an Indian samosa, and a Filipino lumpia.

While we filled our stomach, our souls were also filled with inspirational words shared by Greg Ng and John Tsai, respectively, on those nights.

On the last Saturday of 2012, we ended the year with a Chinese hotpot dinner with our church family.

In 2013, we hope to involve members from both of our congregations in these event planning, organization and setup. Please contact us if you are interested in taking part in our committee. We welcome any new ideas or suggestions for future events.

Your Family Fellowship Committee: Ruby Bahk, Dorothy Baker, Nancy Chu, Sara Chung, Diana Huang, and Fiona Seah Cheung who has been serving for years as translator and Chinese class teacher retired and returned to take care her family in Hong Kong. Let us put her in our prayer.

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