by 11/08/2016

Christian Education

With an increasingly more atheistic and amoral agenda permeating our schools and workplace, where can one find God’s Truth upheld? Some five new families have discovered in 2012 that CEMCQ firmly sustains a God-centered Christian Education Program that their young children can learn from. They, together with our abiding members, have been actively attending our Scripture-based classes so that each of us may be thoroughly equipped for every good work (ref. 2 Tim. 3:17). Anchoring our Christian Education Program is the Adult curriculum which completed an in-depth study of Hebrews during the first half of 2012, and began an in-depth study of I Corinthians inthe second half of 2012. From adults all the way to our pre-schoolers, classes are offered each Sunday with age-appropriate lessons. We are thankful, by God’s grace, for the many who willingly teach to make this Program effective. How wonderful is your service and we continue to covet the willingness of many of you to serve – as we can see from the world surrounding us and the attendance records below, the need is indeed great!

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